With Tuvan shaman Nikolay Oorzhak:

17th & 18th of May 2008 workshop
throatsinging: Gamelanhuis/Amsterdam
Info:, 06-28116252

Concert: The Soul of Taiga
16th of May 2008 in the Oosterkerk, in Amsterdam at 8. pm.
entrance: 10,- /12,- euro
address: Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1
tel: 020-6272280

Nikolay Oorzhak, Renowned Tyvan Shaman, Master of Khoomei Throat Singing, and his disciple Dr.Vladislav Matrenitsky present a unique heritage of South Siberian steppes and taiga – the throat (overtone) singing, in which a vocalist produces two or three notes simultaneously.

Both admirers of ethnic and meditative music will get the unforgettable impressions from the incredible range of vibrating sounds – from a bird’s warbles to a yak’s roar – alters the listener's consciousness and immerse them into the healing meditative state. For centuries Tuvan shamans are using this technique for immersing into altered states of consciousness, charging with energy and healing the patients. Accompanied by native Tuvan instruments - tungur (tambourine), igil (kind of violin) and homus (vargan), shamanic songs of this world-known Master gives to an audience a rare chance to touch a real sacral art.